Accident Repair

  • Pitstop works with all major insurance companies
  • We’ll guide you through all steps of the process from start to finish
  • Repair estimates are always free – compare us to other body shops
  • We provide maximum convenience including car rentals and tow services

You Can Choose Your Body Repair Shop!

Beware! Some Insurance Adjusters will tell car accident victims they need to use their insurance company’s body repair vendors. This is against the law! You can choose the body shop to use. Pitstop Performance offers more body shop services than the typical vendor your insurance company uses. Check us out – it won’t cost you a thing.

Body Shop Services

Pitstop’s body shop services aren’t just limited to collisions and insurance claims. We also offer complete body makeovers including custom body modifications, body kits, dent removal, and more. Our body shop technicians have years of experience customizing the exteriors of vehicles in all makes and models, so stop by and have one of our consultants assist you.

One of the most intimidating aspects of comparing body shops is discussing price. Pitstop Performance has been independently owned and operated since 2003. We’re not a big corporate company and our technicians are not paid on a commission basis. Our no-pressure approach encourages you to shop around without feeling pressured into a decision. We offer free estimates for all of our visitors and welcome you as a prospective client.
Many body shop and repair companies only paint the outside of your vehicle. Pitstop offers full service paint jobs that cover your entire vehicle. This includes door jambs as well as the exterior. We pay close attention to detail and always mask your car thoroughly from over spray. We also use cutting edge techniques to match your existing paint color.

Why We’re the Best

Environmentally Friendly Paints

We use EnviroBase® high performance paint – an environmentally friendly, water-based paint that reduces the production of volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) without compromising color match and longevity.

Competitively Priced

Don’t waste thousands of dollars painting your vehicle! Pitstop Performance offers competitive rates starting at $49 p/hour.
Why pay more for less?

Full Service Accident Recovery

Our competition may repair your vehicle, but we go a step further by working with your insurance company, providing tow services, and even helping you get a car rental. We’re your one-stop shop!